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    Hold Me Tight

Hold Me Tight

Often we see that couples have lost sight of each other. Both partners work hard and/or children demand all the attention. In this way, couples can end up in (destructive) patterns. It may seem like there is no way out. Emotions move quickly, often many times faster than the mind.

Do you experience the above - or other - problems in your relationship and need a boost? Ibalansz offers the preventive and educational program for couples called "Hold Me Tight." Sue Johnson's 'Hold  Me  Tight' programme is successfully offered all over the world.

The training follows an educational program, based on the theory and practical application of 'Emotionally  Focussed  Therapy (EFT). EFT helps couples understand the negative patterns they have become entangled in and then provides tools to find each other again.

'Loving couple relationships are the foundations of stable families, a healthier society and a truly humane future for all of us'- Dr Sue Johnson.

What is it?

The training is a light form of relationship therapy to improve, strengthen and deepen the relationship. It may be that therapy just goes a step too far, but you want to work on your relationship. Then opt for the 'Hold Me Tight' program. During this two-day training you will work together with your partner to see where the bottlenecks lie and where you can do better.

For whom?

For all ages. From young couples, couples with young children, adolescents, to middle age.

Things that are definitely covered:

  • Where does it keep going wrong?
  • Learning to recognize and break (destructive) patterns;
  • Emotions and more connection feel with each other;
  • Trust;
  • Building a safe and stable base.

(Group)training and working together at home

We give the program in a group. During the two-day, the couples receive informatbion, examples are shown and there is room to exchange experiences. Couples do not need to discuss their individual 'problems' in a group. The couples get to work together.

Aftercare session is after three months


Overview of the training: Hold Me Tight days

Group training
Date: Due to the Corona measures, we will no longer give HMV training sessions throughout 2021. Soon there will be new dates for 2022.
Costs: The costs for the entire training (2 days) are: € 600 per couple.
This includes: All the necessary course material, an aftercare session three months after the course, coffee, tea and always a treat.
Number of participants: Maximum 3 couples (subject to the measures of the Corona pandemic).




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