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    Relationship therapy
    Together further in renewed connection

Together further in renewed connection

Every human being is looking for connection. From the connection the love affair arises. But gradually, you could lose each other. When that happens, you suddenly don't understand each other (anymore), there is tension and you no longer feel connected to each other. Is this recognizable?

  • Do you no longer experience love in your relationship?
  • Are you constantly fighting or is there an icy silence in the house?
  • Did you grow apart?
  • But do you want to move on together?

At Ibalansz you learn to reconnect, to understand each other and to experience love again.

Ibalansz offers couples who want to stay together, but can't do on their own relationship therapy  according to the Emotionally  Focused  Therapy  (EFT) method.

EFT is about recognizing and recognizing the emotions that are beneath your behavior. We're going to look at your interaction pattern and work toward restoring the connection to each other. As part of the therapy, you will receive assignments that you can do together as a couple at home or during a session together.

Communication on coronavirus (COVID-19)

In the case of mild colds (runny nose, sneezing, sore throat and mild cough and elevation), we would ask you to stay at home. All these measures apply across the country. 

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