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    Make it easier on yourself

Make it easier on yourself

You want to invest in your personal development. Perhaps you experience your issue as a struggle and you now want to break through this. You want to be in control yourself. Anyway, you want to make it easier on yourself in the future. Easier in your personal life and/or in making choices. Coaching is an intensive and effective approach to many different questions. Personal individual (online) coaching is suitable if you want to work on your own issue in a targeted, one-on-one, concrete and safe setting.

My goal is that I will be redundant again soon, then I have done my job well. I believe that coaching trajectories can be short to help someone get back on track. That certainly doesn't make it superficial, but let's not make it bigger than necessary either.

The coaching focuses on your future and not your past (which is the case with individual therapy).

Communication on coronavirus (COVID-19)

In the case of mild colds (runny nose, sneezing, sore throat and mild cough and elevation), we would ask you to stay at home. All these measures apply across the country. 

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