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    Individual therapy
    Being more stable in life

Being more stable in life

Life doesn't always work out the way you expected. Even in your relationship, things don't always go as hoped. You can feel very lonely and misunderstood because of problems in all kinds of areas of life. Do you want to do something about that? Do you want to be more stable in life and learn to deal with the obstacles in your life and relationship? Sometimes you need some outside help. That's why you can come to me for individual therapy.

Communication on coronavirus (COVID-19)

Ibalansz follows all the RIVM's instructions regarding hygiene measures and rules of conduct to prevent contamination in practice. Therapy can therefore still take place, both physically and remotely.  Remotely, the therapy will take place via video calling. Ibalansz uses the Weeseedo program. In connection with the Coronavirus, we follow the RIVM's current instructions regarding hygiene measures and rules of conduct.

In the case of mild colds (runny nose, sneezing, sore throat and mild cough and elevation), we would ask you to stay at home. All these measures apply across the country. The measures taken by the government can be found on the website of the National Government.

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