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How I brought the warmth back into my life

My name is Sharon Blijd. And that negative behavior patterns can sneak into your life unnoticed, I know all too well from my own experience. With trial and error, compassion, support and humor I experience that the patterns of behavior can change.

I have struggled regularly over the course of my life with my own negative interaction patterns in my relationship. I've learned that a relationship is a verb. I have also learned that there may be conflicts/disagreements. After all, I am an individual and so is my partner. By listening to myself and my partner with an open heart, embracing the differences and continuing to realize that a relationship is (hard) work, I try to nurture and guard the warmth within my relationship.

As a transcultural systems therapist and coach, I also want to help you bring the warmth back into your life and your relationship.

Transcultural system therapy assumes that problems and complaints (psychological or not) arise under the influence of the interaction of the person and his context. This includes home, family, origin, social environment such as the neighbourhood, school, work, friends.

How I brought the warmth back into my life

Not only my personal experience, but also my professional background helps me with that. I did the Social work course. After that I had years of work experience in youth aid, where I worked with people from different walks of life, with different problems and different (cultural) backgrounds. During my career  in youth services I did a coaching training.   Afterwards I did the EFT, additional and the Hold Me Tight training. I then completed the transcultural system therapy course.

I am registered as an additional trained EFT therapist, EFIT therapist and "Hold Me Tight" trainer. I have chosen to profess myself in this method because this method provides tools to explain and understand our behavior. From the understanding and processing of the possible fears and sorrows that lie beneath our behavior, we can build on reconnecting with ourselves and with the other.

I work from my Christian beliefs. My faith helps me to look at (seemingly) complex situations in the relationship with an optimistic view. Ibalansz is there for anyone with or without a religious belief. At Ibalansz, everyone is welcome.


If you already have an appointment at Ibalansz but don't want to come by because of Corona, we can also call video! Please contact us for this!




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